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Summer Classes @ Walla Walla Pt Park

M / W / F 
9:30 AM
Meet at main playground
*outdoor classes start June 3rd

Personal Training Upon Request


6 Week Sessions


30 min HIIT workouts | Nutritional Guidance | Guided Journaling | Weekly Themes | Littles Welcome (strollers encouraged)

No events at the moment


"Community, accountability and encouragement. All the things I need in a fitness routine and something you don’t find in a gym membership. Having recently moved to the area I was having a hard time meeting other moms, much less like minded moms who wanted a healthy lifestyle. Local gyms didn’t accept my youngest child due to his age. I was really at a loss to find a place where I could get back in shape and relieve the stress of motherhood! I feel so blessed to have found Wenatchee Family Fitness. Basically personal training in a group setting that mixes HIIT, CrossFit, Yoga, PIYO, boot camp, and many other disciplines all with my child along in my stroller. I have not only found a perfect place to get back in shape, but also a group of friends who make me feel at home in the valley! Wenatchee Family Fitness has truly changed my life for the better!!"

-Crystal M

I LOVE WENATCHEE FAMILY FITNESS! Every workout is so fun and so different! It’s amazing to get personalized alternatives if needed-I’ve been to class as a pregnant mom, a mom of a newborn, and a mom of a toddler. All experiences were great. Ali and Ariel are so nice and encouraging (and they make your baby happy for you if your babe is crying and you’re trying to exercise, or they let you go on mini runs without your babe if you want). Not only is the workout class incredible, but the activities they hold that are not workouts and are just for moms to get together are extra fun! I couldn’t be happier going to classes and events with this tribe of moms. I’m incredibly thankful Ali created this perfect opportunity for Wenatchee families.

-  Lydia B

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